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My Ultimate Plan is in Motion!

Wow! Its been almost a year since I updated my blog. Shame on me for sure!!

What have I been up to? Well, I have been going through a few life changes. Trying to get my life on track I guess. But it didn’t mean that my picture taking stopped!!

I have been taking pictures of a few projects that I have had in mind. I’ve also been researching contests, and exhibitions and getting into more of what my next step should be. Starting my own business is still my main goal.

What exactly is my main goal? Funny enough this topic keeps coming up more and more in my daily life. I feel like it’s coming together slowly. Like I mentioned before, I definitely want to do the Art Festival circuit. Than down the line to own my own gallery. Some of you remember me talking about this…or not. Even so, I also have goals for owning my own cafe! So what is my ultimate plan??? To do both, and combine the two. As of right now things are in motion for this to happen!!

October of 2012 I took the plunge and applied to become a scholarship member of the NYC art club Salmagundi. I thought to myself this is such a great opportunity to learn from other artists!! And not just other artists, but artists with a ton of experience with the type of things I want to do!! How exciting would this be, right?? It was a long process. I had to fill out paperwork, submit my portfolio. I was eventually called for an interview!!! I was super excited. The interview involved me talking with 4 people at once. Which can be a high pressure situation. In my head I knew I was doing great though. Afterwards they told me that they had to present me and my work/application to the board, and vote whether or not I would be let into the club. I was extremely nervous! I knew it was going to be a long wait. My track record with voting never has been in my favor.


February 8th, 2013 I got my acceptance letter for my scholarship membership!!!! I was on top of the world. I was so happy I put myself out there and tried. I got in! I knew it was a step in the right direction. I can enter my work into exhibitions now, and network with other artists finally. I must utilize this the best I can to the furthest extent!

The other half of the Ultimate Plan for my Cafe Gallery… is the cafe part. I have been working with coffee for almost two years now, and I love it!! I love the history of coffee, the science of it, how difficult it can be, but also how fun it can be! I work for Aroma Espresso Bar, and I started out as just a barista, now I am a shift manager, and the opportunity for me to move up is also coming into reality. I have been promoted fast. I have really put my best foot forward (as “they” say) and its working out. I’ll be running my own cafe soon. I will get the managerial experience I need for my Ultimate Plan of owning my own cafe. I think I may need a small weekly internship at a gallery or something of the sort. I have been thinking a lot about that actually. so, who knows. I’m glad things are in motion!!

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