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It finally happened! The art show I have talked about for a few months now is finally all organized, hung, and up for everyone to see! I even got through the reception with the help of my great socially attune boyfriend of course. I still don’t know many people from the Salmagundi club, it’s a very uncomfortable situation for me. I tend to get really nervous, and become a major introvert when it comes to these types of things where I barely know anyone. But I was a major part of the show happening. I was the organizer of the show, and I am very proud of that. I will say doing the art show, and actually being at meetings, and being actively involved are all steps of getting to know more people in this community. I know it will become easier. It will take a little time, but it will all work out. I feel confident about that.

Outside of being super nervous, and the organizer of the show, I also participated in case some people didn’t know. I hung four of my photos. One frame I am not too happy about. The middle one from the line of three. I thought for sure it would work, in my head it did, but than I got the frame…and hated it. I thought that it would grow on me thats why I didn’t change the frame, but it didn’t grow on me. At all. I think it’s my worst one.

I really love the old tin wall that Herve, the gallery owner, has in the gallery. The other side being brick. I hung the other rose on the brink wall. I love the brick! It looked great with my white frame. We initially tried to hang it on the white tin wall, but it looked horrible!  I’m glad that we moved it. The brick compliments the picture well. That’s what I love about the hanging process. Something goes better on other walls, some go better with other pictures next to it. It’s like a puzzle you have to put together. We were able to get the works of over 20 artists up in this gallery. The Mehu Gallery is not like a regular gallery with just super white walls with nothing else. This gallery has a lot of history and personality for sure. Herve Mehu’s Gallery has been in business for 30 years. Amazing. Absolutely amazing to me.

I got a number of compliments on my photographs. I was very happy about that. People really like the roses. I love them too. I loooove my purple rose! I never know what to say except “Thank you” when someone compliments me. I have to work on the small talk. I should bring up where I took it. I took those photographs in a wine vineyard in New Zealand. I’m sure that was a really good point, but I was too nervous to open my mouth. I really gotta work on that. I was also complimented on organizing the show…again I have no idea what to say. I find it simple really. Only because I feel like it wasn’t that much of a bother. A ton of emailing, some phone calls had to be made, some visits to the city, and the gallery. When I write it out it does seem like a bit of work, but I never saw it that way. Maybe because it was something I wanted to do. I remember months ago in June, Patricia mentioned she knew Herve had a gap in his calendar before his next show in the fall, and brought it to us (The Junior scholarship group) if we wanted to do a show. Of course we all said we wanted the show. She than said we need someone to organize it. I jumped on it because I knew I wanted to learn more about this whole process. I’m so glad I did this, and stepped up. I hope I am forming a good reputation for myself. I mentioned to my boyfriend how I wouldn’t mind just being known by name. “Oh, that Amber Sherman knows how to organize a show, we should work with her again.” I def have no problem with that.

The reception was a success, very busy, a lot of artists were there, a lot of members from the Salmagundi Club as well. I was very happy about everything. I guess as an organizer you are always nervous no one is ever going to show up. I always had that anxiety when it came to planning events, my own parties, socials for the co-ed Fraternity I was in, and family gatherings too. I always worry. I know people commit all the time, but than never show up. So, I never trust the word of anyone. I can’t help it. People say a lot of stuff. I even had artists commit to being in the show but than back out the day before hanging for this show. Which kind of upset me, but those things will happen of course so, I didn’t let it bother me more than a day or two. But will I forget those artists that backed out? Def not. I always take note of those things, but I cant really help that, those things stick out in my mind. People who commit, and keep their word, and than those who are just flakes. I’m sorry, but everything you do regardless of situations are logged in a person’s mind. I guess that’s a lesson for artists out there. If you commit, follow through! Your reputation will flourish in such a great way, or you’ll be known to not be dependable. Which I would hate to be known as that kind of person.

After awhile of being there I started to warm up, and be a little more social, thats why there’s wine, right? haha. I got to talk to the President of the Salmagundi Club, and he was very happy with the show! He wants to make this an annual event. That in itself makes me extremely happy. I was the organizer of the first show that is the beginning of a tradition. I love being part of something bigger than me.

All of this has been a great learning experience. I learned so much just from this show alone. I loved the whole experience, even the annoying parts Hahaha. I couldn’t do anything without the help of Patricia! She’s amazing. She hung most of the show. I, and a few other artists helped Patricia hang the show, but she knows her stuff! I am very grateful for everyone’s help.

There is something about seeing your work on the wall of a gallery. I feel like I came so far! This was my plan, and it happened. I am so grateful, and proud of myself. I can’t really describe it. Going to the reception makes it a celebration of that, you actually feel the accomplishment, and there’s a good closure. That “I made this happen” feeling, and now the day is finally here. It’s great. 🙂 
Now to get ready for the winter show at Salmagundi. No idea what my role will be for that yet. Let’s see what happens. 

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