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I wanted to give an update on my involvement in the Salmagundi club. This fine art club has a lot of committees. Since I am a new scholarship member I wanted to join the Junior/Scholarship member committee. I think being in a club like this one should be as active as possible. Yes, I am going to use the cliché phrase: “What you put into it is what you get out of it.” This phrase definitely rings true. I think, if you are accepted into a great club like this why not be as involved and as active as you can in EVERYTHING you can?
The committee basically decides what happens with the Junior/Scholarship members, for example putting on shows, setting up events, networking opportunities, I know you get it. A lot goes on. 
I was voted into Salmagundi in February of this year, and I went to the first General club meeting in April (any, and all members) than I was at the first Junior/scholarship committee meeting just this past June.  The committee head, Patricia Wynne, who, I will say is such a sweet woman. Her enthusiasm is contagious, and I love it! She mentioned how she had an opportunity to have our work in a gallery in NYC, because the owner had a block of time with no scheduled shows! This to me was a giant big deal. For those that might not understand why, I’ll explain.

Being a fine artist, and tapping into the realm of trying to get people to see, and buy your work is very hard. You need as much exposure as you can! That means art shows, art festivals, galleries, web contests, anything! There’s a lot of different ways to get your work seen.  I think a lot of fine artists want to make a living off their artwork, right? Well, getting your work in art shows, exhibitions, and galleries is one way to do it. 

I jumped to the chance when she said she needed someone to step up and help organize and contact the owner to work out details of the show. Now, I must tell you that I never have organized anything like this before, and I was nervous!! All I knew is if I want to own a gallery one day I needed to learn how all of this is done. I had to learn, and this was a great place to start! I told Patricia how new I was to the club, and how new I was to even the fine art realm of photography, and I had expressed how nervous I was about it. She was very comforting, and had a confidence in me. I don’t know, but she didn’t make me feel like I couldn’t make this happen.
Of course a lot of communication happens through emails. She gave me the gallery info, and told me I had to set up a meeting with the owner to discuss the show. I was at a loss as to what I should be asking him. Hahaha. I was busy, and I kept forgetting to call the owner. I finally did it last week. Not much time had past. I didn’t procrastinate too much. I called the gallery, and funny thing was, she was there. I spoke with her on the phone, and asked her really quick about the details I should be ironing out with him at the meeting. She gave a quick list, and I made sure to get all of that down so I didn’t forget.

I set up the meeting with the owner, and met up with him at the gallery Tuesday (07/16/2013) A small gallery, but he has been in business for 30 years. He must be doing something right. We discussed all aspects of the show. Some of the things to keep in mind when setting up an art show:
~How many pieces can fit in the space provided?
~Size limits of artwork
~Theme, if any
~Determine the commission the gallery gets from each sale
~Opening Day, how long the artwork will be up, and when it needs to be taken down.
~Invitation design, and when they need to go out
~How much time the gallery needs to display all the artwork
~When all artwork has to submitted to the gallery
~Price list to all artwork
~Printed bios from all artists
~Details of the opening (drinks/food/reception details)
~Mailing lists
Those were all the things discussed at this meeting. I definitely learned a great deal from this one meeting.
The Art show will be at Mehu Gallery.  Located at 21 W. 100thstreet, New York, NY, 10025. Opening day is September 19th, 2013. Artwork will be up till October 13th. 
I’m really excited!! I haven’t decided what photographs to enter yet. I definitely will give it a ton of thought. The Junior/Scholarship committee is meeting next week so, there might be a theme, and there might not be one. Just in case before I decide what I want to enter I’ll wait to see if members want a specific theme/style/genre of artwork to be displayed.
I have to mention that Patricia being a friend of the gallery owner, and her being there when I called was funny enough,
but what this whole situation told me was that this committee, and the club was really to get us, the New Artist Members, the experience we are essentially looking for, and need to be successful artists. She could have just as easily set up this show herself. She provided the opportunity. It was up to one of us to step up. I must thank her for it, that’s for sure!
The Junior/Scholarship members have a show we have to set up to take place at the actual club.  Which is right on 5th ave. We jury all artwork, and plan the show ourselves. The great thing about this show is that it’s a bit bigger, and all artists can enter artwork, not just Salmagundi members.  Another great thing is that it’s the first art show after the long awaited renovations are completed! We are the first show of the year, and the first to use the new gallery space in the club!

All this is very surreal to me. I love being involved, and having something like this to help me along my path to my own goals.  There’s a lot happening, and I couldn’t be happier.

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