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I now have a store online where you can get my framed photographs, canvas prints, or digital files (Instant Download!) I decided this was a great move considering I printed these, and not everything I exhibit sells, so this was the perfect place to sell these. I only have so much space on my wall. haha. I can’t hang everything of mine, and hanging all my own stuff makes me feel too self centered.

I have a link right at the top of my page in the menu navigation on my site it takes you right to my online store. Or you can click here.

In other news I wrote a blog post a little bit ago about not being accepted into the Annual Memebers Show. Check that out, because its revolves around the lesson I got from being rejected, how I dealt with that, and how I feel about it.

As far as exhibiting goes, I was told of an opportunity to get a small solo exhibition! I have to check out the place, and see if I want to show my work there. Its a non-sale opportunity, but exposure is still great! This would be for a show next winter most likely. So, I will have some time to prepare.

Till next time everyone!

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