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Well we are past the halfway point, and if anyone was wondering the halfway point is July 2nd. Nice fun fact for you.

So far this year in 2014 has been a pretty busy year for my photography. I keep progressing! I love that. I am being pushed further and further and its rewarding, challenging, fulfilling, and definitely worth it!

January started me off in the annual Salmagundi Junior/Scholarship show. I sold my first two photos!!! I wrote a blog about selling art. Check it out here.

February I was accepted to exhibit in the historic Annual Black and White show at Salmagundi!! I was running around trying to prepare for this. So many things to take care and correct. Framing and printing can be such a hassle. I entered this photo of Glacier bay.

In March I tried to get into the Annual Members show, and got rejected. 🙁 I wrote about that as well. Rejection is a needed, but horrible thing. Check that out here.

For April I had a photo shoot with JEWta, great organization for female jewish talent.

May was where it picked up again. While being busy planning with Salmagundi I was preparing for the RAW show. The showcase then happened in June. That was a great experience! I am so glad I did it. I have a blog getting into that. Check it out here.
June, I did my first Engagement shoot! The couple was so great, and I ended up loving the whole concept of shooting engaged couples! They were also nice enough to let me use their photos for my website, and marketing.

I mentioned before how I the RAW show was in June, and I have to say I did great sales wise. I had some great pieces I think!! I made these awesome photo/pendent necklaces. Which people told me that I should have sold them for more. haha. My sister even came from Buffalo to be pat of the experience and she brought her awesome friend Todd, which he became a supporter of my art! I am so grateful!!

July has been pretty nice to me so far too. I organized and hung the Salmagundi Open House Exhibition. That was a great small show. I exhibited in this one of course as well. I got my headshots from the RAW showcase. I also got featured in the RAW newsletter that gets sent out to everyone affiliated with RAW. That was an awesome surprise!!

What’s on the horizon for Amber Sherman Photography. I was contacted about donating some of my art for a charity Auction. It supports art therapy for children. The organization proceeds go to is the 180s Amanda’s Easel. Its hosted by the Red Bank Roller Vixens. I am giving them two pieces to auction off. The auction happens at the end of August. If you are an artist please donate. the info is below!

There’s def more on the horizon, but I don’t want to spoil everything! I updated my galleries so check those out!

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