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I know like any photographer out there we take tons of pictures!! Our camera for the most part is by our side at any moment. You may consider that camera more than just a prized possession, I know I do. The camera is an extension of who I am, how I feel, and how I express myself. I’m sure there are those out there that completely agree. Sometimes when you feel like you have nothing at all, or anybody in the world, you know you at least have your camera.

Why do we take photos? I have other posts in here that explain why I take photos. Simply put, I see an instance, and I MUST freeze that moment forever. I want to look back, and remember that day.

After all the beauty of the day out taking hundreds of photos, you head back to our hotel room, or your home, or wherever to upload them to the computer. You than sift through, pick and choose which one you want to prepare for the client, website, or get ready for printing, whatever the case may be. It doesn’t end there. Printing the photos? Well than you have to think about the matting, framing, where to hang it, sell it, or what gallery or show to put it in. Still, it doesn’t end there. Running your own business? Than there are numbers to crunch, things to log, and organizing that needs to be done.

I say all of this because there is a lot of work involved. Taking the pictures is the fun part. All of the aftermath is what some of us call homework. I do love the end result, but if you’re like me you’re probably still dong this on the side, or you have at least been in my shoes. I already have a full time job, working way more than 40 hours a week, and sometimes looking back at the photos I took becomes too much of a time issue. I might not have the time to do that whole line of responsibilities. I find time whenever I can, but photos I have taken years ago are still waiting for me to review, edit, and to be shown to the world…or at least the people I care to see them.

I recently have been looking back to the photos I never touched, or given a second glance at, more often. I have to say I am happy I did. Some of my best work is coming out of this. My love for creating panoramas is being expressed more, and more. I recently did two panoramas. Both taken 2 or 3 years ago.  I think I have another one as well, but I need to put my logo on it. I have a few final touches I need to make before posting it to my website. It’s another panorama from Alaska that I LOVE, so I have been taking a lot of extra care with it.

Sometimes when I re-visit folders of photos I took years ago and want to put together a panorama I think “Why the hell did you shoot it this way?” I can see my own progression in shooting, as well as getting better at seaming panoramas together, and faster I might add.

There are also photos I have re-visited time and time again, but chose not to edit. Sometimes I look at the series of shots ready to be seamed together for a panorama, and just feel overwhelmed. The “I cant do this” feeling comes into play. Or the “How the hell am I gonna put this together?” Or this one: “How long is this going to take me to edit?” I keep looking, and still not ready to tackle certain photo “Beasts” to word it that way. haha. The ones I just edited were those “Beasts.” I was finally at a state of mind, or experience where I felt I was ready to put them together, and post them for everyone to see. I have been told they are more strongest photos to date.

Sometimes things are shelved. Maybe there is a reason. You have to wait for the right moment to be ready to tackle those “Beasts.”

Take a look at these, and other panoramas I have taken click here.

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