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Complexities web series Courtni

I had the pleasure of being the photographer for the director I’m working with this past weekend. I got to shoot the cast of the upcoming web-series “Complexities.”


Initially I became part of the project as an Assistant Director. We are so close to shooting! Very exciting. While me and the director, Courtni, got to meeting more and more about the project she came to find out I was a photographer. I tend not to talk about other things I do because I always see it as bragging. I need to fix that about myself. However, to Courtni it’s an asset she can utilize as it’s one less person she has to look for and hire. So, she wanted me to do the second set of cast photos. She hired a photographer for the first session, but I think they might have been too expensive. I cant blame her. we wont discuss quality as everyone has their own style of shooting.


“Complexities” is going to be an 8-part web-series, more drama/thriller as it is now. It changes from time to time. Blame the fluidity of creativity. While Courtni is the Director she is also the writer and pretty much the fuel that makes the machine run.IMG_1072


While I was happy to shoot the photos for her, I was also very nervous. The night before (and I even told her this, and she laughed at me) I had dreams, or more like nightmares about the photo shoot that was to go down.  I don’t know why, but anytime I’m hired to do portrait shoots I get really nervous. I get a weird type of anxiety about shooting up until I’m there meeting the people and getting ready to snap the first picture. A double espresso, and and Americano later I was ready to go!IMG_0988

Nonetheless, the photo shoot was great. It was like any other photo shoot I’ve done. Some people are easy to get the great shots, and some others are very difficult to shoot. I shot 4 people, a few headshots, and then they ran through some of their scenes and I had to catch some of that interaction. I also got a few behind the scenes with Courtni giving some notes to the cast while they ran through their lines.



Courtni, from her feedback, was very pleased, so I hope I get to shoot more of the cast.  While I’m the Assistant Director on this show I’m also going to be doing the official stills for the “Complexities” as well. I really like doing the stills. I did them on my friend’s short back in may. Maybe I will post about that shoot next week. 🙂

Let me know what you guys think of the photos in the comments below! This is only a snippit of the shoot. There will be tons more on the “Complexities” Website soon!  Be sure to check out the Facebook page as well!

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