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That phrase is a funny one…at least I think so. Some people live by it, but I always felt that in a way a person would be lying to get where they want to be. I thought to live by that phrase you are just in this continuous mode of not being who you actually are.

…but I have in fact used this philosophy.

Start calling me a hypocrite right abouuuuuut…..NOW!

In the creative field, be it fine arts, film industry, or even marketing, whatever you decide to put in the creative block, not many opportunities are given. You somehow have to prove yourself, and provide evidence that “Yes! I have done this job successfully before, and I can deliver with this next task!” Hell forget the fact that I said creative field. All of this can apply to the job market in general.

All I know is no matter what a person has to start somewhere. It is so aggravating to see so many job posts saying, “Requires 3 to 4 years of experience” but it was labeled entry level? huh? Did I miss something here?

I cant speak for all fields, but I know in the photography, and film industry they abuse the whole intern system. All professionals say that “You’re going to eventually have to do free gigs, you cant avoid it.” What? This is where half the people who had dreams in the creative field say “Fuck!” Working for free? Who honestly has the time? People have rent! And probably about 8 or 9 other bills. Who knows? I don’t know everyones situation. This is also why you have a ton of people working in job that they absolutely loathe!

**I will make a small comment on the interning problem. Yes, people abuse it massive, but if you have a full time job, and you have extra time, taking on a free gig on the weekend here and there wont hurt. Or even in my case with this art club, I set up the art show that I will be in next month. I def did not have to take on that responsibility, but it was for sure in my best interest. Nothing is easy, but hard work pays off. It may not feel like it now, but it will. I can promise that.**

This is where the phrase comes into play. I’m not going to suggest lying on your application or resume. I don’t do it. Not to mention the fact that its a federal offense…right? “Fake it till you make it,” let me tell you it can go wrong, and downhill very fast for you if not executed correctly, or if you don’t have enough common sense to make the right moves. Once I realized that I had that whole quick learner ability thing I knew what that phrase meant. It’s not even lying. I guess it is really knowing your limitations. What you can handle and take on? Its all about knowing your talents, and your ability to pick things up.

I think the difference in my thought process about this is that fact that I use to be given a task, and would tell that person “yes,” or “no” if I could do such task. Now, I think about it a little bit more, and try to scale if I can try to do it if it is something I’ve never done before. **side note: When I have to tackle something I’ve never done before I get a massive amount of anxiety. Of course I don’t show it, I research the shit out of it, and figure it out. ** Once done I just gained experience, and learned something new! Well damn, that whole process of “fake it till you make it,” worked! The person that gave me the task or whatever, is pleased, and now knows I have that certain skill without even knowing that I never once did such a task. Now you have the potential to be promoted, or when you switch jobs that manager, supervisor can vouch for you on even more levels, and skills!

I bring this up because I’m finding myself tackling a lot of things that I never have done before, and finding out that I’m not half bad at doing them. I guess I say “ok, I’ll do it,” to a lot of things without even doubting that I can actually do it, even though I never have previously. The “ok, I’ll do it,” method that I have acquired in my everyday life is building my skill set. I guess I am using the “fake it till you make it,” method as well, but I see it as just having the confidence level in myself to take on new things. I’m not scared to learn new things, or at least try things on my own.

Confidence goes a looooong way in any career path. Isn’t that the foundation of “Fake it till you make it?” I do so believe.

So, people have confidence, and I guess I can say, “Fake It Till You Make it!” 

…Just dont lie. lol

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