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I have Left my old blog behind.

Now, I will keep it up because it turns out it helps people that are looking into working on ships. it does give people an inside look. I also like to look back once in awhile. 🙂

I started a new one because I no longer work on a cruise ship. To me… I cant hold a blog and keep writing in it if that’s not my job. Call me crazy.

Well this blog…if you read the side bars and all that jazz you already know what this blog is about.

I should give the life update…I now live in NYC. I miss LA, but right now I wanted to try out NYC. It also lets me go back and forth to Buffalo whenever.
I have been here for about a month. I spent a week at home for xmas so, I didn’t include that week. I live specifically in the Bronx. ooooooooooh!!! People always get shocked when I tell them where I live. Listen People I was raised in the lower east side of Buffalo-like Bailey, Sycamore, Broadway areas-so pretty ghetto areas, so I am used to the inner city life. I lived in Koreatown in LA- so the Bronx…like anywhere else. The advantage to not being a Suburbanite! I am happy I wasn’t raised in the suburbs. I don’t have that fear that some suburbanites have. Don’t get me wrong I am not gonna do anything stupid either. One thing I do know is how to stay safe.

so, anyway I live in the Bronx. I work freelance for Newscast US. editing/sound/camera-all that jazz. Its a PR consulting firm really. But its gives me some interesting things to work on! I got to work the Mission impossible Premiere.

I work as a barista as well. Now- I am uber proud of that. I don’t know why. I always wanted to be a barista. I love it so far!! I work for Caffe Bene. A Korean company that is starting their chain in the states. There is massive room for growth. Their first store is right in Times Square…so yeah I see that everyday. We are having the Grand opening January 15th. So for those who comes to NYC come visit me in Caffe Bene. Right underneath the Crowne Plaza on 49th and Broadway. Seriously some really great coffee. hey trained us hard as hell!! lol

So, I am also in the very slow process of starting my own business. My own Fine art Photography Business. Here is the link to my web artist page.

On top of all of that I am interning for an awesome place called New York Women in Film and Television. I start that January 16th. Giant Networking opportunity, and free workshops!!

I got a lot of things going on. lol. That’s me I always have a ton of things going on. I like to stay busy.

So I also have a twitter account. Yes, I just joined…Probably when it will phase out and something new will come out. lol. you can find me by ASherms21. follow me or add me whatevs. lol

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