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It has such a looong time since I wrote in this blog….or any blog for that matter. A lot has happened since January. Me living in NYC has been everything but easy. I have to say that first.

Where do I start… I guess I start with Caffe Bene. It was my main job and still is my main job since living here in NYC. I really wanted to learn how to be a barista. Well..Now I am. Caffe Bene has been such a rough ride I have to say. It has improved, but it’s really stressful working there for the amount of pay. IF you watch any of my Youtube vlogs you will def get the deeper scoop.

Speaking of my youtube channel-Ever since I started that I was less inspired to write an actual blog. I do a number of different thing on my vlog. “Take it all in Thursdays” is just a topic based show where some how the topic just intertwines with my life, and what on my mind at the time. I also do “Featured Friend Fridays” I like this show cause I feature someone who I think is cool. I sing this corny little diddy-at the beginning AND the end.

On top of Caffe Bene I WAS working to for Newscast US. but…funny enough they stopped calling me for work. Which only means they found another editor. Which I kinda am thankful for cause I did NOT like working for the owner. People Usually sense that. I hated being an editor. I just don’t even want to be a Final Cut editor. Maybe to only edit my own stuff, but editing clients stuff…no thx! it totally sucks!! Sorry If I offend any editors out there. I mean if its what you love than Im glad you are doing what you love. I just dont love it. He had me trying to edit on premiere. yeah I always used final cut. so it didn’t work out. Not to mention when the owner got stressed, it made everything a hundred times more difficult.

I started a new method of trying to get my resume out there to get work. Craigslist is just an avenue for people who want people to work for free for their project/movie. which i refuse to work for free. Sorry people. You’re worth more than that-my people in production DONT WORK FOR FREE! I emailed as many AD’s as possible. ***if you don’t know I am on the quest to work up the AD(assistant Director) ladder*** I had a lot of feedback from my emailing. couple cool phone conversations. I did get some work from it.

The work I got from my crazy emailing was actually big names, union gigs. I was an additional on “The Big C” I actually did two days on that set. I was really thankful for that! I actually was sick when I worked that set. I had like the deepest guy voice ever. And if you don’t know what an Additional Set PA does on set….a lot of yelling repeating commands. I thought for sure I wasn’t up on my game. But he called me back to do another day.

Right after that I got an awesome lead to give out my resume at this one office. I got to work on the show “Gotham” Its a pilot show for ABC IF IT GETS PICKED UP. who knows. I worked about 12 out of the 16 shoot days there as a 1st team PA asst. that show taught me a lot!! emotional ride, but definitely worth it. I got a lot of good feedback from a lot of different people. They were surprised I never PA’d for 1st team before. I made mistakes everyday, but they saw I was making less and less of them. I was learning quick.

thats one thing I have noticed while I have been here in NYC. I have tried a lot of new things while living here. I am a quick learner. I never considered myself that. People who trained me for barista…they were surprised that I was never a barista before. I learned that wretched editing program premiere quickly too. ugh i hated it! and picking up things on set. Maybe I just adapt well to things maybe.

well “Gotham” was a learning experience for sure. they kept calling me back. I am thankful to my key PA though. I got into with him a bit. but I hope I get more work from them down the line.

March was a fairly great month to me. A lot of union show work, and Joe came to the states too! he is here now. He has been here for a few weeks so far.

Right now since its April I went home for easter, and joe came with that went way better than expected!! I am glad peeps like him. I’m back in NYC now, working at Bene now. I say that because I took weeks off to work “Gotham.” It was REALLY hard to adjust back to regular life. I was miserable to be back being a barista for $9 and hour. It just sucked. Also “Gotham” was shot overnight. So, adjusting back to morning was super hard! Im okay now though.

I’ve been applying to other cafe’s for better paying barista positions. I really want this one job-it has benefits. but I don’t think I got it cause I haven’t heard back 🙁

One thing during this WHOOOOOOLE time I’ve been working has been my business. Of course. My website has been such a slow process. My sister Bought the domain name. I finally got the webhost and after trying to hire someone decided fuck it-Im gonna do it myself. It turning out …. ok actually. My own website inspires me. is that sad, or too much of an ego?? I’ll never know. I really like my panaramas page though. maybe because those damn things are hard to make!! they take a lot of time since I seam them together myself.

A lot is going on and a lot happened. A lot more to do still.

As I go one though my business is getting more and more important to me though. I have to find a better paying day job. I would say set work, but when I have set work I have time for NOTHING else but being on set and sleep. literally. I lost touch with a lot of people. work sleep work sleep work sleep. that was all. I love being on set, but When I’m trying to accomplish other things too its not really conducive to get other work done. I love being on set though. oi!

Well My website is coming together. Its not done yet. so if you check it out bare with me.

I will definitely keep everything more up to date on whats going on with me and my business and any work I get.

till next time peeps!

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