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As an artist your art is part of you, if someone doesn’t like your art its almost feels like they dont like you. Getting rejected is always tough. It’s usually a long hard road to get where you want to be as an artist. For every artist its going to be somewhere different.

My goal right now is the same as when I started this blog to join the art festival circuit. I think I am finally getting to a place finanically where I can start collecting materials to start my booth. That damn booth photo that’s required. It makes sense why most art festivals require that. They just want to make sure that whoever they choose has a good looking booth. They ultimately want people that can sell. If the festival is successful – “they” are successful. So it all makes sense. I guess my main problem right now is havng the space to store all these materials. A tent, tables, and a bunch of framed photos and canvases take up a bunch of space.

On the other side of my goal to finally joining the art festival circuit is my membership in Salmagundi. This art club definitely has its benefits. So far this year I have been in two art shows, I was planning on three, but I got rejected from the Annual Members Show.

The Annual Members show this year is a bit special. Salmagundi is historically the oldest running fine art club in America. The building has been around for a very long time, and they finally got the funding to start renovating and getting the building up to code last year. Well renovations are about 95% done! Which means new galleries!! I haven’t seen it yet, but the Annual Members Show is the first to show in the new renovated gallery. So, there is this “newness” to it that makes it special.

Another thing about this show is they take the BEST work. Not of each artist, but in general what they think is just mind blowing. I guess it’s the next level. Your work has to receive a certain amount of votes to make it into the show. I am guessing more votes than say a themed show like the Annual Black and White Show they just had.

Needless to say, my work got rejected. I have dealt with rejection on a much more heartfelt level, so maybe this is why this rejection wasn’t as hard as a blow. It might have been because of the conversations I had with other artists, veteran artists, on how work will get rejected, and there’s nothing you can do about it. You can’t win them all. Now, these were artisits that actually make their living off their art. I really took that advice and let the stress of someone not liking my work, go. I let it all go. So, when I heard one of my favorite photos that I thought represented my style, and me as a photographer, got rejected– I was okay with it.

I think an artist has to expect that. Learn how to best deal with it. Most importantly continue to submit your work into exhibitions. Continue to put yourself out there. Not everyone is going to like you or what you produce, and that’s ok because its the beauty of life–the differences.

The show I am waiting for is the floral show. I have a couple photos I really want to submit! Also the thumb box show (small works) is another thing I have something in mind for.  So I am preparing for that, but laying low for a bit for now while the members show is exhibiting.

Getting your work rejected just means you’re an artist now.

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