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I just finished organizing my photos, putting them into a “In use” folder making sure they all have logos, and than a good quality-no logo version for printing. It took me awhile actually. I wasn’t expecting it to take me so long. I wanted to edit a new Panarama, but I just don’t have enough time tonight.

I used my day off to good use I think. I organized, updated, and did a new abstract/digital Photo!!

While going through my all my photos, deciding which ones to post and put my logo on, I came across this photo I took in Boston. I looooooved the curvature of the buildings. It took me a while to take the photo, get the right angle, and distance away. It was a pretty crammed area. The color….well I can’t really explain that -except its what I felt to do, and what I fell in love with. I love this photo. The colors I absolutely love for sure! I am a big fan of purple!

The title is “Building Curves” was inspired by just how the buildings interlock, and how the building and street are one. Curved together as one.

I also brought this one out to post on my website.

I took this Photo a bit ago, and never really knew what to do with it. I just loved how I was in this field….no flowers anywhere but this one bunch. It’s titled “Violet Indie.” The color violet-obviously I love purple as stated before, and the fact that it stood alone. It was Indie. lol.

I really Like my lasted additions!

I’m happier with my Website too. I think the way I did the Albums is better.

Check it out 🙂

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