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A busy month is ahead of me!, the summer has been pretty busy for me as well setting up the Mehu Gallery Art show that is opening next week! Very excited. Here is the info for that!
After this show there is another one I will help run that should be up in January 2014. That will be at the Salmagundi Club in NYC. The Club is currently getting renovations so, this show is the first in the new galleries! I think that is so awesome. We get to be the first show up!! This show is open to any artist, you don’t have to be a Salmagundi CLub member. If you want to be in this show, I will have info up about it. So, check back for updates, or contact me directly. Email

In other news I am very nervous about the Mehu Gallery show. The pressure of selling is overwhelming, but I press on!! Haha.

A bit of an update about my site, I am in progress of getting a new page or some sort of buying option to my site. Some people expressed interest on how they could buy my photos online so, I am working on that. I want to set it up so the buyer can just select the photo, select the size, and frame they want, without me dealing with a printer, and framer. The printer and framer would send it straight to the buyer. A bit of research is in order, but do-able.

I also have a new blog post up. I always have trouble naming my artwork, so I wrote about it! Check it out here!

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