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One on-Going Project I have going is this NYC black and white project.

So, what do I mean Black and White? When I look at things I feel like I always see things in photograph form. I can see the composition constantly. When I see a photo with my eyes, and the urge strikes “Yes, you need to take a picture” thats exactly what I need to do.

Sometimes while walking around the city on my everyday errands I see colors that just stand or POP out. For me, the color black is such a striking color, and very aesthetically pleasing to my eye. It’s my favorite color. I dont know why. It just is. The color black happens naturally in a lot of ways in the city, and I wanted to capture that. I didnt want to make just make some regular black and white photo. I love black and White photography, but I wanted to find black and whites that were already there.

I’m real big on contrast too. I want things to be striking!! I love black and whites. I am really into the giant contrast between the two. I love the combination. To find that combination in the city is a bit more challenging. This project is definitely in progress. I think as I go along my end result may change, morph, and develop into something I am not aware of now. Who knows?? But thats the beauty of art!!

Here a few examples of what I mean. These aren’t edited. Once I think I am done shooting this than I will go into my editing stage.

Those are just a few examples of where I am going with this. I really wanted to avoid the continuous picture of texts, signs, and things of that nature. The nails picture isn’t really a Black and White per se, but I liked it. I may include the grey areas into this whole project. I’m not sure. I took the picture so, it has to be connected in some way. I’ll find the connection down the line somewhere.

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