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So, I’m excited for this one! My pictures are being used for the WMBC-TV’s Community Bulletin Boards! They also have 2114537_origscreen shots on their twitter feed. @WMBCTV. A lot of people can see them in the NJ/NYC area on the air! Thanks to @ChristianBlair for actually designing a new Community Bulletin Board. It took awhile to get approved and to get on air. It was great hearing how so many people like the new one! The old design for the CBB was used for years, and it was a standard blue design. Very happy to say the least. Hey no one knows they are my photos (except if you’re reading this, or work at the station-still counts!! haha.)
In other news I have a new blog post up. This one talks about my trying to figure out all my on-demand printing options. I am taking my site from just a portfolio to my own personal photo market if you will. I will keep everyone posted on how that goes. Check out my post here.

Coming up next month with Salmagundi, our group was granted gallery space from the club members for the whole month of January! This time actually in the Salmagundi building. That place is great, once it’s done being renovated it’s going to look fantastic. I will have more details on that soon. I have no idea what to show for that, maybe something wintery, although there may be a theme involved this time. I hope so, it makes things a bit more challenging, but than sometimes the best work and/or collections come together. The last show we had was open, our group members were allowed to submit anything. I will keep people posted on that as well!

Until next time everyone!

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