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I never imagined this event to come so quickly. I imagined that this would happen sometime during 2014, but not so early on.

What is the “Red Dot?”

I learned quickly it’s what you want to see next to your name when exhibiting your work. My first show in NYC was at the Mehu Show last year in September, I entered 4 pieces and sold a big Goose Egg! Nada. Zero. Nothing!! Needless to say I was crushed a bit, well not just a bit. Lets be honest it bothered me a ton, and it def got to me. That show sold only 5 pieces. Once I figured the average of selling work at each show I felt better. It’s a low percentage of pieces entered in a show to pieces sold. Which is not unexpected. Once it all made sense I didn’t stress.

Deep down inside I wanted a “Red Dot” next to my artwork label. I needed that damn “Red Dot.”

I think for all artists trying to sell their work, and making a living off what they love to do its something that kinda haunts you. The want for the “Red Dot” follows you to every art show.

The “Red Dot” confirms a bunch of things. It validates for one thing. You know now you ARE good enough. Someone else out there loved your stuff enough to purchase whats part of you. A bit of doubt is erased. You feel a bit freer to be the artist you want to be, and not the artist you THINK you should be.

Show poster outside SalmagundiI struggle with that often. Certain work I want to exhibit I second guess: “Is this good enough?” or “Will this be enough to compete or be on par with what other people enter?” Im slowly learning that I should not second guess myself or my artwork. If I love it, it’s good enough, and somewhere out there someone will agree.

My first “Red Dots” came in a pair. My first sale included both photos I entered into the show. I was emailing our group advisor, Patricia, about an upcoming meeting and she returned my message with my “Red Dot” surprise. I couldn’t believe it honestly. I couldn’t wait to tell my boyfriend and my sister. Even though I was told that I sold both pieces, I needed there to be no mistake. I needed to see it for myself.

Hey, mistakes happen, right?

 red dot tag

I went to the reception, while also dropping more work off for two more shows (I hope to goodness Im accepted in the shows!) There they were, both my photographs with the “Red Dot.” My third show ever, second in NYC, and my first sale! Those are not bad odds. This is what I needed. There were three sales for that show.  Two of the sales were mine. 😀 Again not bad odds.

The first Art show I entered this year, and I sold both pieces.

two sold red dots

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