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A lot of news for Amber Sherman Photography!!
First things first: I finally sold!! I sold both pieces entered into the Junior Scholarship show!! I talk about it in this blog entry.

I made some updates to my website as well. I added a new panorama of St. Thomas. Of course I love this one. I feel like I progress more and more every time I seam another one together. Check that one out here. I updated my “Recent Work” gallery. Tried my hand at some black and white photos. See those photos here.
Outside of my website I have been working on printing and preparing for two more shows through Salmagundi. The one on the bottom is the Glacier Bay panorama in black and white for the historical black and white exhibition at Salmagundi. I tell ya, that printing process for this one I learned a ton!! I now know a great deal more to make my print better. Word to the wise : remember RGB mode is for monitors not for printing.

The one on top is for the Annual Members exhibition. Thats some time in the coming year. Not sure when that is.

I think by now I would have been notified if I wasn’t accepted into the Black and White show. They notify you if your work wasn’t accepted. But I think that I should be in both shows. Here’s the info for the Black and White Exhibition. This show has been going on for years! The first Black and White show was in 1878! It’s one of the biggest shows of the year. Everyone looks forward to this show, myself included. The opening reception is this upcoming Thursday! I really need to make it there. I have to figure something out because I work this thursday, I don’t normally work thursdays.

I will give an update about the Annual Members show and when that is going to happen. In March, or sometime around then there is a floral show. I def have a lot to enter for that one. I am working on those now. Here is something new.
This is a variation of a photo I have up in the Nature Gallery. I have three more I’m gonna work on. Have to get them printed and framed very soon. I’m almost done editing them.

So in total if all goes well with the floral and Annual Members art show that will be four shows so far this year! I am off to good start!

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