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I haven’t written in such a long time. I actually finally have the time to do so. Due to recent events my life has taken a welcomed shift. To put it bluntly – I was fired. I have more time for the things I want, but do I want too many things? Do I have too many dreams?

I would usually post a blog that is some how related to photography, I’m gonna reach and say when I talk about my dreams and aspirations that it’s connected to photography. Some of you may or may not know that I work in the Film industry. I have made sure I am a part of this industry. Why? I cant really tell you, I don’t know. Maybe I fell in love with the military style operation of a set. As much as a rebel I am I do like a well-structured environment where no leeway is given. If I find someone to be lenient I definitely take advantage, and this is more of a subconscious thing that I was doing for a long time that I finally noticed.

Anyway, my film life is going through a transition. I did not like the injustice, BS, mis-treatment and overall horrible ethics that took place at my last position. I tried my hand at an office job, and I lasted 9 months. Me and Offices generally don’t mix. I was surprised I lasted that long. I am a set girl through, and through.

Outside of my film life I have my photography life. Outside of those two worlds I have a passion for coffee-hence my title. Am I able to accomplish my goals within all three? I have always seemed to think so.

Like I said earlier, I haven’t written in such a long time. My most recent employment required me to work 10 hours a day in an office. Add in an hour and fifteen minute commute time (one way) and that’s about 12.5 hours of my day. That was 5 days a week. I really had no time for me, I definitely tried to squeeze it in though. Meetings at Salamgundi Art Club, an art reception here and there, nights out with my friends on Friday nights maybe a couple times a month. Add in a Dog, and then I had minimal time with my fiance. I can say that this was trying on the relationship.

In the beginning of working in the city with my last employer I actually tried to keep my cafe connections going and work there on the weekends. I only did one day a week there because I wanted so much to keep working in coffee. I loved being a barista. Once the cafe management realized I wasn’t really useful one day a week I was cut from that. That actually hurt a bit. It did free up time for me and my Fiance though so, after a weekend with no extra work I got over it.

Americans work so much! Like.. in the whole world! We have the least time off, least amount of vacation, least amount of hours to ourselves a week, and its honestly ridiculous. For me I am determined to make things work. I have the thinking “If you want it bad enough you will make it happen.” Realistically there are only so many hours in the day. A person also needs time to just do absolutely nothing. Just relax. In the end Amber Sherman Photography suffered. I haven’t shot anything new in so long. I blame the crazy hours I had to work the past nine months. My fiance actually brought this up to me and said just that. I wasn’t shooting, I wasn’t editing, I wasn’t submitting any work into new shows, I was barely doing anything for me. I did enter a few things into a few Salmagundi shows but with photos I already had prepared.

I know that the things I want to do are too many…probably. I tend not to have self doubt. I just believe everything is going to happen just as I want them too.

So, with any new job I have I must find the balance. If I become a freelance AD that would be ideal. Freelance is great. I work a show then take some time to focus on Amber Sherman Photography, then back to another AD gig. That is eventually how I see things happening.

Maybe I am too idealist, but I am a logical person so that has to make me a realist, right? I have no idea, but I honestly believe I can do what I dream of doing. I wish others thought that way. If you have a job that is sucking the life out you, and taking time away from other things you want to do, start taking the steps to move away from that job. Man, being in an office for 10 hours a day will honestly make anyone go crazy, and hate what they do.

I’m babbling now, enough about crappy jobs, and time to move forward with what is coming up for Amber Sherman Photography. I now have a way for you to subscribe to my mailing list. If you want updates please subscribe! I will be getting items back on as well, very soon. Make sure to find me on Facebook, twitter, and Instagram. 🙂

Well thats it for now!!

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