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I think the one thing about being an artist is the moment you realize you are boxed into certain categories. Categorizing your art is a very hard thing for some artists. People who are creative use multiple mediums to express themselves. I also have a great creative flow, and my worst nightmare is when someone asks me to describe my art. You have to find your category.

I grew up with artists and they always have multiple talents. Depending on which medium they always had a certain style. Sometimes the style was spread across all mediums. I definitely do not have this happening when it comes to my photography.

You can look at my gallery of photos and right away see there are two or three types of styles happening. I have the nature, landscape panoramas, and animals happening, but then I have this dark Industrial, abandoned art thing too, that I like. A lot of feedback tells you: to be successful stick to one type of style. Well, thats at least what I have heard for a few years. I mean when you look at certain famous artists they all had an identifiable style. You could see a piece for a split second and know it was a Picasso, or an Ansel Adams picture. Even if you saw a Leibowitz photo. You’d know right away, and she does portraits!

It’s definitely a struggle for me because I like doing a variety of areas when it comes to photography. I enjoy them so I guess I’ll keep doing what I’m doing.

I will say that I can see a progression when I look through my pictures. Maybe it is how I am getting better at taking pictures, but I realize it’s more the things I find myself photographing is changing. Traveling has a great deal to do with that. The more I travel the more I am not impressed with touristy type areas and the regular sunset shot, you get what I’m saying.

While I was in Puerto Rico last month is the perfect example. I am always intrigued by history, that is, areas that have been preserved-that’s never going to change, but I usually never take pictures because I know a ton of people have taken that exact same picture. So, then there are the tourist areas, I hate crowds, and everything has this fake-ness to it so, that is usually off the table. I usually just roam around for a bit on my own. Get mixed with the local crowd. I always go toward a bus stop. Yup, a regular ol’ bus stop. From there I know I’m on the right track. The last time I was at a bus stop I was in Curacao, and was waiting with a bunch of HS students and learned about their school system. One girl had dropped out, and she told me how she wanted to become an actress.

Sorry, I get sidetracked with small stories, but I met locals that way. It’s pretty cool. Then I get to see San Juanall kinds of cool things! In PR I ended up at this one street with all of these abandoned buildings. There was so much artwork all over it! I love how everything was so colorful. It was like they were trying to make the situation just a little better. I don’t know why this interested me so much. It just looked cool. Some people would call it graffiti. but it was awesome. It makes these broken down buildings have purpose again.

Blue Brick, San JuanA picture of these abandoned buildings beats a picture of Old San Juan buildings any day. I mention those buildings because they are famous. I love the colors too. I wont deny they are awesome, but my point is that they’ve been photographed like no tomorrow.

I like really random things too, I don’t like cats, but I got a really awesome pic of a stray. The orange Fur against the grey ground, it just made for a cool photo. I also really liked the blue brick. I don’t know the story behind it, but when I first saw the brick I was like “Whoa!” hahaha.


San Juan CatI’m torn. Or I just don’t know that I’m done with nature shots? I don’t know. Although, I stilI love the awe that comes with making a Panorama. As soon as I finish stitching one together I am always so happy, and excited about the result. It’s ok to have a couple of things you like to do, right? I’m still getting to know my own style I think. The way I get over categorization is just adjusting to shows that have certain themes. Which I don’t think will take me too far. I still have a lot to learn in this industry. I’d definitely would still call myself an amateur. But some others wouldn’t. So, who knows.

Maybe I don’t need to categorize my photographs just yet. I’m slowly making my way there. I know I have sects of categories right now, and that cant be a horrible thing. hahaha. I’m sure its ok. hahaha. 🙂

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