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I had a previous post discussing organizing an art show/exhibition. I have to tell you that it has been such an experience to actually co-ordinate a show, for myself and a large group of included artists. I learned a bunch about how to set one up, and a bit about the Art Gallery business. All of it being very useful to me, and my long-term goals.

My title “My First Major Art Show” is just that. I entered my photos a couple of years ago into a small Buffalo gallery for holiday art show. I entered two of my favorite pieces, the show was juried, and the fact that I was accepted into it was such a big thing to me. I was super happy about it. The show was up for a month, but I didn’t sell anything. That kinda broke my heart to be quite honest. I was super green to the whole fine art world. I couldn’t expect to sell anything that quickly…right?

A lot went through my head. I had a number of questions. Did I price my items too high? Did I make the right decision printing them on canvas? Did I pick the right photos to print to begin with? I feel as though all of this is a hit or miss. Could I even say it’s a lot of trial and error maybe? What I do know is everything takes a lot of practice. The one thing I like about myself is I keep going, and even if I feel down and out about what happened in the past I still press on, and try something else. I cant give up, and whatever it is you’re doing(or want to do) you shouldn’t either.

Why do I classify this art show coming up in September the “First Major” one? I tend to think NYC has higher standards. As I should, right? It’s the epicenter for art. Some can argue that, but if you want to test your art in a market NYC is the one to do it in. Buffalo is great, but in the art realm??? I’m not sure to be honest. I don’t know how competitive that show was. If they accepted everyone, or if they actually selected certain people. Who knows? I saw that as no big deal, even though I was still happy to be in a juried show for the first time.

I have certain anxieties going into this new show for sure. Them being similar to what I thought after the Buffalo show. Did I pick the right photos to exhibit? Am I going to frame them in the best or most flattering way? Will I price them right? Will I sell anything this time around?? Will people like my work? Will I be anyone’s favorite? The group I am exhibiting with consists of mostly painters. Which could be to a disadvantage, or a major advantage. That one I have no clue how to predict. It’s definitely a lot to think about.

We recently just got the postcard/invite done, finalized, and printed. My name printed among the artists exhibiting. There’s always something so special about that. I keep down playing it, and the whole art show altogether, but the other artists are extremely grateful I stepped up to co-ordinate, and secure this show for all of us. The president of the club I am associated with through this show also is very excited about this. Once I saw this:

“Looks good! Make sure the PDF goes to *** and *** for The *** website and the *** blog… should put the announcement on the face book page as well … should also write a press release that can go out to places that list exhibition information.
Job well done!!!!!”

…I knew that this was a bigger deal than I anticipated. My boyfriend was super excited for me. I’m so happy to have support from him, and from my family and friends. I really wonder if I should get excited. Why shouldn’t I? Maybe because I have such anxiety. I don’t really know. 

As an artist it is really scary to have your work on display for everyone to see, and judge. It’s basically you on display when you really think about it. I just picture myself standing on a lil stage, with my head wide open projecting on the wall all my feelings and thoughts for all to pick apart. I’m still going to go ahead and keep putting myself out there though. It’s what you have to do as an artist, at if you want to make a living from it. Not everyone will like my work. I know that. Some will. I know that too. All Art is super subjective. Hopefully I do well at this show. I definitely have positive thoughts going into this. I know it may not seem like it because of the down play, but I really do. I’m just chicken. Haha. 

This is all very surreal to me. I’m more than grateful this is all happening. I think I worked for it. I think once I have my own Art show featuring JUST my work that might be a moment I wont be able to think is really happening either. It’s going to happen though. I just don’t know how I’m going to handle that. 

The show will be great. I’m looking forward to the opening reception too! The post card is below. I love it. Another member of our group designed it. I’m very happy with it, and the fact that all this is happening! 

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