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So, just like the title said I have updates on my website!

What changes have I made? Overall I think that I made good changes. Simple changes. But most importantly changes that I think will make it easier for everyone to navigate.

My home page has now got a slide show of my favorite photos, and photos that are favorites of others. Feedback goes a long way with me! 🙂 I finally put pictures of person up here! I chose a nice summer photo of my niece. It def makes me think of a fun summer day and right now I think I need that image in my head with how cold and snowy it is. I also took out some of the writing as well.

My gallery page I think I changed the most. I took away all the writing. I think I talk too much. Do I really need to explain why I made each gallery? No. I trimmed the fat.

As well as the gallery page I updated the galleries themselves. It is a better way to view my photos than before. I like this way better than the last. I may actually change the galleries entirely. Different photos and categories maybe. I do want to do more portraits, so that may be a new gallery. Endless possibilities!

I also, instead of putting a date in for my “News” post titles I am going to put actual titles! Revolutionary, I know.

As this whole endeavor continues I change as time goes on, and hope I make changes for the better. This website, and my business is def a process!

Till next time,

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